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A pro-active approach to technology is key to success!

Technology is everywhere in today’s business environment. How technology is leveraged effectively is often the difference between competing players in the marketplace. Technology directly impacts how we manage brand image, product quality, employee efficiency and even communication.

Let Office Systems help you make the most of your buying decisions…we provide a professional free consultation to businesses. We help educate businesses like yours on modern office equipment technologies to help you maximize productivity. We pride ourselves on superior knowledge of current technology. Having the right information is the first step in making a well-informed decision that is the best for your specific business and office environment.


High Speed Colour Photocopiers Fax Machines

Multi-Function Units


Supplies – Toner, Drums and More!

Brother, Canon, HP, Kodak, Lanier, Lexmark, Minolta, Mita, Okidata, Pitney-Bowes, Ricoh, Savin, Sharp, Toshiba, Xerox, others!

Contact us if you do not see your brand listed here.


Digital Document Systems
Laser devices operate @ $0.07 per page. Digital Document Centres operate @ less than $0.02 per page with full service and toner included! Digital document center is a single documentation device that allows you to print, copy, scan and fax all to one central unit. This central unit creates a more cost effective solution for the office. By combining the cost effective technology of a copier with the functionality of printers, faxes and scanning devices, document centers have the ability to greatly reduce overall operating costs.

Colour – In-House Print Shop
Reduce your outsource printing costs while maintaining print press quality documents for a fraction of the cost. By introducing colour machines into the office we can reduce the amount of outsource printing costs incurred by many businesses while giving their sales and marketing teams the ability to create their own marketing materials for a fraction of the cost of going to an outside print shop. Separate billing rates for black only documents; colour systems are growing in today’s market by over 40% year over year. In many cases companies do not take notice of the amount of money they spend on colour. By allowing us to do a cost analysis of your colour systems we very often cut colour costs while improving quality and increasing the benefits to your company.

Demo or Re-manufactured with Full Warranty
Most cost-effective solution. Design reliability and added-value buyout pricing. Persons in an environmentally conscious world realize that many non-wearable parts are used in photocopiers and can be utilized to a fuller potential in Re-manufactured items. Beyond being more environmentally sound, this is also fiscally sound. Although the machines are long lasting, they actually have a lower residual value to financial institutions because they are considered by leasing institutions to be computer hardware. This allows you to purchase a machine for less than its residual value, saving your company money. This is just one example of the many creative money saving solutions that we offer!

Document Storage & Sharing
Simplicity of use. Free flow of documentation from anywhere in the world. Document Storage is an Internet or Network base network software solution that allows business to store digital documents on a hard drive within the photocopier, or with their ISP provider, instead of purchasing onsite network hardware. On site network systems can be expensive to purchase and maintain, with security issues and storage always being a concern. Document sharing empowers your business with instant information recall and reference capabilities from anywhere in the world. Equipped with keyword search (similar to an internet browser) for information recall and IP addressing for output devices, completing work and printing reports to your office while your not even there has become common practice.

OCR Scanning (Optical Character Recognition)
Scan a document with OCR. Edit documents with ease in any file format. Integrated Scanning capabilities with OCR allow us to now scan a hard copy document back to a PC and actually be able to edit it as a Word file, Excel file etc. Unlike earlier scanning technology, which could only scan a document as an image file. (Bitmap, j-peg etc. making them almost impossible to edit).

Environmental Technology
Financially & environmental choices, for which we are all responsible. We have a number of environmentally friendly options including: ISO 14000 family of international standards approved manufacturers, refurbished and demo stock photocopiers, partly recycled toner available on nearly all machines, energy star compliant devices and much more!

Internet Fax & Fax to E-mail
Lower your phone bills. Improve employee productivity. High fax costs are usually incurred due to the high cost of using phone lines. Many fax machines are equipped with the functionality to eliminate your phone bill by using Internet lines, which are no charge to dial. PC fax software and Internet functionality make our machines effective sources of cost-savings.

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